Advertisement is a captivating multiplayer game. The goal is to claim as much territory as possible. Run around the spaceship, dipping in and out of your safe zone to gain additional ground. To eliminate other players, cut them off. The never-ending fight between the crew of the spaceship and extraterrestrial impostors continues. A new multiplayer arena based on Among Us is about to take everyone by surprise. Every online game is a fiercely contested deathmatch. It includes familiar, colorful characters as well as their trademark amusing animations. They must, however, fight for survival in a new way this time. This conflict is about securing land and defending its borders. Like in, draw them with a trail that the hero leaves behind. To eliminate another player, collide with their unfinished outline. Just be cautious, and don't allow your adversaries to do the same. Maintain your focus, plan ahead, and take first place on the server.

How To Play

  • Touch screen on mobile device to control your character movement.
  • For desktop use mouse or keyboard (WASD/arrow keys).