House Of Hazards

House Of Hazards

House Of Hazards is a fun multiplayer game where each player will need to complete missions while dodging hazards around the house. How far will you go before one of your friends makes a mistake?

Don't expect you to stay healthy and safe here. Mischievous lighting devices, spray nozzles, and slices of toast will try to take you down. This is not a dream but the daily reality of the people living in the House of Hazards. Challenge yourself and see what results you can achieve today.

Your ultimate goal is to leave this house. You will have to complete many different tasks, such as making coffee, checking mailboxes, and watering flowers. However, the other members of the house will be waiting, watching you fall into their traps before you can complete your quests.

If you're assigned to set traps, there's a lot you can do to make life miserable for your housemates. You can shoot hoses, toasts, and lasers at them, drop lights over their heads, and even move them and trap them in a chest!

How To Play House Of Hazards

  • 1 player control button.

A, D - Move/Change dangerous trap selection.

W - Jump.

S - Crouch/Grab the player/Activate dangerous traps.

  • 2 player control button.

J, L - Move/Change dangerous trap selection.

I - Jump.

K - Crouch/Grab the player/Activate dangerous traps.

  • 3-4 player control buttons (gamepad required).

Left stick - Move / Change dangerous trap selection.

South Button - Jump.

East button - Bow/Grab the player/Activate dangerous traps.